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One is not born, but rather becomes, a body.

Glitchspiel is a rules-free ttrpg zine in the free kriegsspiel style, expanding on my essay "Lovepunk" in the first issue of the FKR Collective's zine In Play.

In this text, I deploy Glitch Feminism, Legacy Russell's manifesto, as a game, using her remarkable words as tactics for a transformative, reparative cyberpunk that cuts against both the norms of cyberpunk as a genre and the constraints of tabletop roleplaying as a form.

The project successfully funded on Kickstarter on February 16 as part of Zine Quest 3, thanks to the generous support of 120 backers. I am also happy to report that because of the sucess of the campaign I was able to get additional copies printed, which can be purchased below.

Usurp the body. Become your avatar. Be the glitch.


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The physical edition of Glitchspiel was printed by Mixam with a sleek 100lb matte-laminated satin paper cover that is just wonderful to hold, and 80lb uncoated pages that strike a perfect balance between durability and usability.

Your $20 includes the cost of shipping, as well as physical copies of my pamphlet rpg Skin & Stars and my business card safety tools BufferingFor each additional copy of the zine that you would like to order, add $10 to your payment.

Please make sure your itch.io account is attached to an active email address, because I will be contacting you at this address, which is included in the details of your payment, to get your shipping information.


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As someone who was quite inspired by Lovepunk, sufficiently so to acquire a print copy of Glitch Feminism, I was gutted to miss out on the Kickstarter.

Will definitely be looking to get the PDF when it is available to non-backers and hopefully there will be another opportunity to get physical copies at some point (Zine Quest 4?).


Hi evangineer! Sorry you missed the Kickstarter, but I will keep you posted on whether or not I have extra print copies once I get details back from the printer. Thanks for checking out the project!

(1 edit) (+1)

If there are not extra print copies, I purposely ordered more so I could share them with people who would appreciate this type of material as well. You seem like you would, so I'd be happy to arrange something with you once I get my print copies.

Very kind of you @frnz!


Hi evangineer! Print copies are now orderable!


Much thanks!


Love how it looks and feels!

Fantastic! I'm glad you like it! I was pretty pleased with how it turned out!

@frnz Thanks again for your kind offer.  

I now have a print copy thanks to our kind host.

Hope you connect with others that you can share Glitchspiel with!